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🚧 The code-wizards at DgtalBuggy spotted a few //TODO comments that we can't CTRL+Z away:

  • CI/CD: "Queue" the magic... and by that, we mean why queue at all? Auto-deploy is the new levitation spell! ⌛️✨
  • Speech to Text & Text to Speech: Our apps are now byte-talking. Even the chatbots at Hogwarts are downloading our Git repo! 🎤🔊
  • UI/UX: Rendering pixels more fabulous than a unicorn's 4K wallpaper! 🦄🌈
  • Payment Options: Git pushing new treasure branches, but //ERROR – gold coins still in beta! 💰🚫🪙
  • Limit Enhancement: Because we believe in Infinity++. Why have a limit when you can overflow with magic? ⚡️📈
  • Limit Carryover: Like carrying forward your unused Wi-Fi data but for magic. Remember, unused spells might cause memory leaks! 🌀🎱
  • Post Scheduler: CRON jobs for your magical incantations. Auto-post your spells when the server time is just right! 🕰️✉️
  • App Integration for Wordpress, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter: Spinning up new API bridges! You know, just casually porting between digital realms. 🚪🌌

Be back soon, As we sudo our way through this digital ritual, expect a few compiler jokes and maybe a wild Glitch dragon. Remember, dragons are just bugs with wings! 😉